She'erah bat Shlomo

Debatable Lands, Æthelmearc

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Marat She'erah ("sheh-EH-rah") bat Shlomo is a mid-10th-century Jew living in al-Andalus, in the city of Cordova. ("Marat" is a Hebrew title, the feminine of "Mar", which means "master" or "teacher".) The local Muslims sometimes call me al-Mu'allimah, which means teacher (approximately) in Arabic; I'm told they find some amusement in the fact that their commom misprounciation of my name -- they say "Sha'irah" -- means, in Arabic, "one who knows things intuitively". Or so they tell me.

Here is some information on She'erah's Pennsic house and Polyhymnia's half-timber kitchen structure.

The real-world version of She'erah is Monica Cellio. (My previous persona was Ellisif Flakkari, a mid-10th-century Dane living in Hedeby.)

I've written several articles for Boke of Divers Knowlege, an excellent independent A&S/research newsletter.

In August 1997 Rosina del Bosco Chiaro (Vivian Stephens) and I published a book about 15th-century Italian dances (balli, specifically), which is, sadly, currently out of print. (In theory, someone is fixing that fact for us...)

I've painted/drawn a few newsletter covers.

I used to maintain a list of People and Groups in the SCA. It's now being maintained by Eric Praetzel.

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