On the Mark

On the Mark was a Pittsburgh-area folk music group (founded in 1991) that performed everything from medieval dances to modern folk songs to "filk" (music with a science-fiction theme). Members of the group sing and play a wide variety of instruments, and the group excels at rich arrangements. The group retired in November 2006.

The current members of On the Mark are:

  • Monica Cellio (director)
  • Robert Smith:
  • Kathy Van Stone
  • Instruments include hammer dulcimer, flutes, recorders, guitars, keyboard, assorted percussion, and the occasional reed or even brass instrument. We collect instruments. :-) And, of course, we sing.


    On the Mark has the following recordings, all available on CD:

    Between the Lines CDs were professionally pressed; all other CDs were burned by hand on a PC. The first three albums are also available on cassette. (We're almost out of CDs of Between the Lines, but we have lots of cassettes.)

    On the Mark recordings are carried by the following dealers: Random Factors (mail order), Tales from the White Hart (Washington DC area), White Wolf and Phoenix, Minstrel's Glen (Ontario), Pegasus Music (TX), Dodeka, and Moongate Designs (Ann Arbor). Please patronize these dealers who are willing to take chances on small, mostly-unknown groups.

    If you prefer to order directly, send email to alaric AT pobox DOT com for current availability and prices.